Saturday, April 21, 2012


Yesterday Japan announced that they forgave Myanmar debt US 3.72 Billions because of progressing in Myanmar Political reforms. But for my point of view is Myanmar want more attention from China and they want to play monopolise among so many countries.  This is the first step of Myanmar got finicial won with one of big countreies inside G-8. This is good for Myanmar because Japan will come inside Myanmar for Finiacial investment very soon. For me i more prefer Japan than China and Thailand because they do more systemmatically than these two countries. Good example is New Yangon General Hospital which Japan bulit last 25 years ago. Until now that hospital is modernlise and still good functionning... But we, our Burmese citizens, do not forgets that they erase that 3.72 billions mean they want more profit on these coming investment. Finally i want to hope that all these investment from other countries do not make our country to be worsen in climate change and do not want any more diaster because when happen most victims are our common citizens who do get profit from these investments.... So sad..  

Photo: Bloomberg

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I am Back

I have left my blog for 2 years plus and then now i m back . Hopefully i can post a lot frequently.... Life is very tough when with baby also both parents are working. Becasue we are sending our son to child care and easy can sick. This is not only happen to us, all parents who send to child care get this suffer incident. Sometime urgent work is coming on that day and your child is sick at the night with high fever. Really tough to make it.... This all i happen on this 2 years....

Monday, May 17, 2010

Thanks Ma KOM,

I told before in my previous post that left me comment is really energy for me. I just noticed today only which Ma KOM commented on my post. I really thank you for your comment and feel like very warm. thk....

"khin oo may

ေတာ္တယ္ေနာ္. ဘေလာလဲမဖ်က္ စိတ္ကူးေပါက္မွ တစ္ေလတစ္ခါေရး."

P.s sorry ma kom this month i wrote 2 posts, beyond my one month one post taget... :)

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Thank you all

Before i write anything, i really want to thank you all who come and visiting my blog. Everybody knows that SG is very small and very boring for staying long period. I think this is the reason why so many blogger also so many blog visiting persons from singapore. I feel like only surfing net and reading blogs is only way out to release our stress.

Everybody agree it ?

Monday, February 15, 2010

Really very long time to write post

Today accidentally i go and see my blog and found out that my last post is on June. Like that i miss out from posting nearly 8 months plus already. I recalled back at this 8 months what i am busy with it and what i can achieve. Actually nothing, only move on with same things between work and house work. Sometime i really very boring on living in singapore. Also time is passing through very fast. I think i need the break.....

Saturday, June 6, 2009

one decade staying in singapore

Time is moving very fast for me and last ten years today date i arrived to singapore. For me, most change i notice that is living expense compare to when my arrive time. Last ten years i rented 3 rooms flat in commonwealth area only 900, now 1700-1900. I think the price is not so different lor:). That why sometime i joke to my friends our salaries not jump to double (maximum 5% only when if u have luck) but other all up to double i think including transport fee.
For me, most miss moment is free refill cold drinks at Bugrer King(Orchard beside Border), KFC (Lido & IMM). One time i broke the record with my friends until 8 cups when 2 hrs our chatting time :). Now where are these? I really miss that time.
By the way, i think price will be more expensive when open so many lesiure places at sentosa 2010......

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Really miss Thingyan

Time is passing very fast and i did not enjoy in our water festival approach to decade already. Really miss past happy moments, when i enjoyed with my friends on that beautiful festival. Most of my friends who join with me Thingyan also not in Rgn already. I think they also miss a lot on Thingyan and they will sure think about . Every year we go out with same group more than five years, but now all are like as memorable moments only..... If i can wish something, i want to go back with same group and want to participate one more time.....

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